E3 Fathers Farm, Mobile Market and Food Pantry

Mt. Carmel Father’s Farm and Farmers Market

Mt. Carmel Farmers Market was established to offer fresh, healthy food to the Far Eastside Community.  The Father’s Farm which is located on the grounds of Mt. Carmel Church, plants and grows organic vegetables and fruits.  The farm is maintained by the members of the church with assistance from the community.  The church works in conjunction with hired farmers to prepare the ground for the growing season.  Church members, along with community support, work together to plant, nurture, and harvest.

Mt. Carmel Community Mobile Market Coming Soon!

The Community Mobile Market is a mobile grocery store that will provide a grocery shopping experience to a community void of grocery stores. The mobile market will provide access to fresh produce and grocery staples needed by the families who live within our community. The mobile market will provide a to-your-community shopping experience for those who do not have transportation and additional shopping assistance for the handicapped.

Mt. Carmel Food Pantry

Our Mission: To meet the short-term needs of the community, by providing groceries for those in need, on a temporary basis. The food pantry is open to assist the Far Eastside community each Wednesday, from 12 noon to 2 pm.


The church and the Far Eastside community bound together in providing spiritual and physical nourishment for our families.



Mt. Carmel Farmers Market and Fathers Farm, a joint effort to eliminate the Far Eastside food desert, while also promoting healthy living, by providing access to fresh ingredients for cooking to improve quality of life and wellbeing.

For more information on how you can support the Fathers Farm and Farmers Market initiative and get updates on its progress, please contact, Rev. Lola Bartlett at lolabartlett@mtcarmelindy.org 317-890-2740 xt. 12.  Market Master Cheryl Ross at mtcarmel@mtcarmelindy.org 317-890-2740 xt. 12.  Click the button below to visit our Farmers Market website.

2023 Second Sunday

Farmers Market

July 9th                       August 13th

September 10th         October 8th



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